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Project Description

For The Love Of Ivy

For The Love Of IvyFor the love of rock ‘n’ roll. For the love of twangy guitars. For the love of sweat dripping stage antics. For The Love Of Ivy.
How much delay ridden, jingle jangly, sexy noise can you get from one guitar, one drum and one singer? That’s what this band is all about. Starting out as a gift for a friend’s bachelor party For The Love Of Ivy have grown into a rock ‘n’ roll experiment gone bad in a good way mixing influences from blues, rockabilly, punk rock and belly dancing.
For The Love Of Ivy proves something goes bump in the night. They prove your parents still don’t want you to like certain bands (even if you’re all grown up). Think tight pants and loose morals. Think black leather and bare skin. Think For The Love Of Ivy.